IBCM youth conference explores the keys to real world success

8th & 9th June 2016


Last week, International Business College Mitrovica International Business College Mitrovica hosted their third industry-focused conference and their first conference to focus entirely on young people.

Mitrovica Innovations 2016: Unlocking Youth Potential, was driven by IBCM students and alumni and brought together over 170 young people, regional and international experts, stakeholders, partners, representatives from the private and public sectors, and educators from all over Kosovo.


The format of the conference encouraged learning exchanges through story-telling about real-world experiences. These discussions produced several key take-away points for young people wishing to plan and develop their future careers:

  • Get as much real-world experience as possible – through work, internships, or even just talking to experts and professionals in your field.
  • Success comes to those who are reliable, responsible, engaged and pragmatic – in their personal lives as well professional.
  • Perseverance is key to eventual success – you might fall many times, but get up and try again!

IBCM students and alumni developed, coordinated and moderated the event, as well as assisted with the smooth running of proceedings on the day. The college was also proud to invite two former students, Venhar Tmava and Svetlana Savic, as panelists, to share their real world experience.


Their success reflects the work being done by IBCM to promote innovative thinking and develop real-world skills alongside theoretical study. Through events such as Mitrovica Innovations 2016: Unlocking Youth Potential, as well as the mandatory internships that students complete as part of their studies, our students get an up-close look at the real world of work, and are equipped with the tools they need to get a job, or create their own opportunity.

IBCM will use the outcomes of the conference to produce a practical toolkit for young people in Kosovo, containing tips, tools, and inspiration to plan a future career.

Charlene Miller, Director of IBCM, said“The MI youth conference was great success. We are hugely proud of our students and alumni, who made this event happen. We extend the sincerest thanks to our esteemed panelists for their valuable and inspiring contributions, and to all participants in this unique event. At IBCM, we are proud of our record of producing innovative, creative and driven graduates. I hope this conference will have inspired everyone who attended to think differently about how to approach the opportunities available to them, and especially how to use the great youth potential in this region”.