IBCM Public Administration Department celebrates United Nations Public Service Day!

The IBCM Public Administration department prepares students for work in the public and non-profit sector.

For United Nations Public Service Day, a visit to the Municipal Administration of North Mitrovica was organized by the Public Administration department.


The students were warmly welcomed by the Director of Municipal Administration, Andrijana Hodzic, who showed them around the different departments and provided information about public service and administration.

The students had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and information about:

  • The institutional background of the organizational concept of the Municipality
  • The applied concepts of the conditions for democracy and the democratic decision-making process
  • Concepts related to the structure of the public institution, its activities and services

The Public Service Management (PSM) programme at IBCM equips students with the ability to meet the challenges of modern public sector management and reform, covering a range of social, democratic and economic concepts including human rights, innovation and development, and European integration.


Violeta Nikolava, Lecturer and Head of the Public Administration department said “This visit enabled our students see in practice what public service for citizens means, and that when the quality of life is the focus of the public institution activities then the services for the citizens are provided even with less resources.”


IBCM is very grateful to the Municapality for their hospitality, and wishes a happy Public Service day to everyone who works to serve their communities around the world.