IBCM Freshmen win second place in a MarkStrat Online Business Simulation competition

We could not be more proud of our students! Right from the beginning, IBCM freshmen are showing us how intelligent and creative they are.


Albana Kelmendi, Erolina Çitaku, Tajla Kurpejovic, Rina Gërxhaliu, Egzona Istrefi and Milan Dubljanin are second semester IBCM students who, by uniting their strengths as a team, participated and won second place in the MarkStrat Online Business Simulation competition – beating students from all over Europe!

The main idea of the activity was to get students from different European universities to compete in a hypothetical improvised “mutual market”, where each of the groups acted as firms which have equal opportunity for high performance.

The simulation started in March and continued over a series of four weeks. During this time, the competing groups had to come up with specific decisions related to their company’s operations such as:

  • Specifying and ordering new Research & Development projects
  • Managing their brand portfolio
  • Setting production levels, price & advertising Initiatives
  • Allocating sales force & distribution resources
  • Analyzing market research studies

The competition was tough yet exciting for our students, who took this competition very seriously by trying to formulate and implement strategies as real managers would do in their companies.

The great efforts of our freshmen paid off when they won second place! This is a great result for students only in their first year of business studies.

Their success shows once again that IBCM is the college where young future business leaders are being educated, and who will be sure to run very successful companies in the future.

MarkStrat was created by StratX Company in Paris, which is a computer simulation designed for teaching marketing concepts such as brand portfolio strategy, segmentation and positioning strategies.