Celebrating success of first ever IBCM High Schools English programme!

The month of May marked the end of the IBCM High School English programme at IBCM South Campus. To celebrate, IBCM held a graduation ceremony for students of all four participating schools. Each student was presented with a certificate of completion by their native-speaker teacher Caroline Finn.


The programme has been huge success with over 70 students taking part overall. It has focused on a communicative approaching to learning English, with the aim of improving confidence and vocabulary to discuss a range of issues. Class activities included quizzes, games, puzzles, debates, presentations, newspaper articles, and film reviews. Students also discussed and debated a range of interesting and relevant topics such as current affairs, the environment, employment and mental health – to name a few.

Students of the IBCM High School English Programme were more than satisfied with the classes:

“The classes were fun and the topics were interesting. We expanded our vocabulary!”

“Talking only in English is the best part and everyone is the centre of attention.”

“It was very cool interacting with a foreign teacher.”

Congratulations to all of the students! It was a pleasure teaching you all and we wish you the best of luck with your exams!

IBCM High Schools English is now running a FREE summer programme with a native English teacher, as a continuation of the 10 week course just completed.

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