Working with wastewater: Environment and Agricultural Management Field Trip

A group of thirteen IBCM students from 2nd semester EAM spur went on a field trip to wastewater treatment plant to learn about the work being done to manage the water and wastewater systems sector in Kosovo

Waste Water Treatment Plant, Skenderaj/Srbica

The main objective of the visit was to learn about the wastewater treatment process as an important sustainable development that can lead directly to improved health, productivity of human resources, and better living conditions. The students were hosted by the Manager of the Treatment Plant Mr. Nezir Gecaj and his team.


Photo 1

The wastewater treatment plants aims to eliminate the nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, particulate waste and the most extensive oxygen consuming organic matter, which is measured as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) or Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).

  • Students were able to visit each plant facility including the physic-chemical lab for the analysis of water parameters, such as temperature, pH, BOD, COD, conductivity etc.
  • Students received explanations and demonstrations about the different process steps of wastewater and sludge treatment from the company’s highly qualified and committed employees.
  • Students had the chance to see how the treated wastewater quality is controlled and monitored.

Photo 2

IBCM would like to thank the Skenderaj wastewater treatment plant staff for their hospitality and willingness to answer questions from IBCM students. The group was very happy to be able to expand their knowledge and see how theory works in practice!