Spring School in Lithuania: Developing Innovation Agents for SMEs

Three IBCM alumni and two teachers recently travelled to Vilnius, Lithuania, to participate in the DIGAS Spring School.

The five-day workshop, titled “Bringing Work and Education Closer Together”, was held as part of an ongoing EU project “Developing innovation agents for SMEs (DIGAS)”.  It gathered 39 students, graduates and professors from all over Europe to work with five local small and medium sized local companies, with the aim of helping to solve their business operation problems, covering issues such as communication, marketing, logistics, and organization.

The event was funded by ERASMUS+ KA2, and hosted by V. A. Graiciunas School of Management (AVM).

Blerinda Veliu, one of the IBCM alumni who travelled to Lithuania, described her experience at the DIGAS Spring School:


“During the five days of Spring School in Vilnius, Lithuania, we had the chance to socialize; work on defining problems, reports, and presentations; develop communication plans and operation strategies; and most importantly, engage in peer learning.

Different cultures and personalities being gathered to work on a common goal was the most challenging aspect of the workshop, but our excitement and passion to show our professional skills helped us to overcome it and thus we were able to create beautiful memories.

The professors, who were assigned as facilitators for each group, were there to support us and create an easy working atmosphere, helping us to get acquainted and pass the cultural diversity challenge.


One of the most exciting and motivational parts of the trip was our visit to the Ciobiskis area (where the companies were headquartered). Each team had the chance to visit the company they were working with, meet the owners and experience their passion for their business and their desire to grow and share it with others.

We left the old town of Vilnius on Friday, with the same luggage that we came with, but this time heavier: we brought international experience, new friendships and positive emotions, back home. ”

Blerinda Veliu recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing at IBCM in February 2016. She recently started working as a Project Coordinator at 7Arte, a cultural NGO located in Mitrovica hat aims to inspire citizens towards sustainable development.

Follow her on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/blerinda-veliu-58357262?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic

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