Interview with Caroline Finn – Native English Teacher on the High Schools Programme at IBCM

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Caroline Finn I come from Sligo in the North-West of Ireland. I lived in South Korea for three years working as elementary school teacher. I love swimming, cycling, running, hill walking, anything outdoors really!

How long have you been working at IBCM?

I arrived in March. I’ve been living here and working with IBCM for nearly two months now.

carolineHow are you finding living in Mitrovica?

I love living in Mitrovica! It has everything you need but still feels like a small town. It’s easy to get around; the people are all very friendly. I love all the coffee shops.

What sort of teaching methods and technologies do you use in your classes?

I like to use a variety of methodologies, all very communicative – puzzles, worksheets, power point presentations and games.

What are your proudest professional accomplishments?

When I was living and working in South Korea, some of the lessons plans that I created were mentioned on a Korean website, I was very proud of that.

What’s your favorite thing about working at IBCM?

I love that IBCM has really friendly vibe. I come in the morning and everyone is cheerful and says “Hi, Hello…” and I think that professors and students have a really good relationship. I feel like I can ask anyone for help and they’ll be there for me.

What’s the best thing about working with the high school students?

I love the energy and enthusiasm the high schools students bring to the classroom. They work hard and take the lessons seriously, but at the same time they are always full of jokes and creative ideas. There has not been a single lesson where the students haven’t made me laugh or smile. I really hope I see some of them at IBCM next year!