Field trip to Macedonia

A group of thirty IBCM students went on a two day field trip to Tetovo, Mavrovo and Skopje last week. Field trips like this form a key part of studies at IBCM, helping students to get a clear picture of how what they learn about in the classroom is carried out in the real world – from theory to practice! All the students on this trip to Macedonia had an amazing experience, and learned lots of relevant, practical and inspiring information.


So – where did the students go, and what did they learn?

Tetovo – Vezesharri Company

Vezesharri is poultry farm for the production of eggs. They produce chicken under the brand Bovine LECKER, and bio gas from the waste created during this process under the brand Electro Sharri. The main objective of the visit was to familiarize students with the processes of this organic food company.


  • Students had the opportunity to see the entire production process, from raising poultry to producing products from meat, and the creation of bio gas.
  • Students were also able to recognize supply chain management process and its challenges, and how the company’s products are placed in the market.

Gostivar – Hydro plant Vrutok

Vrutok Hydro Power Plant is a large power plant in Gostivar. The main objective of the visit was to learn about natural planning and use of natural resources.

  • During the visit, they were able to see how the five turbines at the hydro plant work, and gained information about the dam on the river with a reservoir.
  • The students were able to see how hydro plant staff manages all the various processes.

Skopje – New Moment Marketing Agency

New Moment is an impressive full service marketing agency which has a wide range of functions, including public relations, media planning, event management, and a range of TV Projects. The objective of the visit was to better understand the work of marketing agencies.3

  • Students had the opportunity to learn more about the way the agency helps their clients to build memorable brands.
  • Students were able to see how commercials and animations are made by New Moment, which they found very interesting; especially regarding the important role of design in the process.

Skopje – New Mans Business Accelerator

New Mans Business Accelerator supports young people and entrepreneurs to build careers and businesses, also working with inspiring experts and mentors. The main aim of this visit was to introduce students to the NASA Space App Challenge, to see how innovation can lead to a successful future.

  • Students had the opportunity to hear motivational stories about successful entrepreneurs
  • Students were able to understand the practical implications of innovative products which can help company positioning in the market.
  • Students were introduced to the NASA Space App Challenge, which they found very interesting, as many young people have recently participated in the challenge.


Skopje City Centre – Visit to the memorial house of Mother Theresa

Finally, the students visited memorial house of Mother Teresa in the capital city. The main aim of the visit was to build understanding of tourism development and city branding.

IBCM would like to thank the Vezesharri chicken farm, Hydro plant Vrutok, New Moment Marketing Agency, New Mans Business Accelerator and memorial museum of Mother Teresa, for their hospitality and willingness to answer questions from IBCM students. The group was very happy to be able to expand their knowledge and see how theory works in practice!