Science and Cultural Fair 2016 & IBCM Workshop

IBCM staff and students recently had a fun-filled and educational few days at the Gymnasium “Frang Bardhi” Science and Cultural Fair 2016. Always looking to support local educational initiatives, we were proud to take part in the best-ever 10th anniversary fair, and to deliver an innovative Business Planning workshop to senior students.


As part of the organizing team, IBCM had its own sector at the Fair, and the best students from our college participated by conducting different activities with visitors, including quizzes and economics games, and many prizes were given out to talented students from all over Mitrovica.

On Monday, as an extension of the Fair activities, a workshop organized by the IBCM student council was delivered at Gymnasium “Frang Bardhi”. The session, entitled “New Minds, New Ideas, New Businesses”, invited the best senior students to compete for three prizes by showing and defending their business ideas.

From 30 business plans submitted, the six best ideas were chosen by the panel to continue to the second round, where the students had to orally defend their ideas in front of a panel. The three best business concepts were chosen by a transparent public vote:

The 3rd Prize: Bardha Ibishi & Qendresa Avidu – “Bowling & Bar Center” in Mitrovica

The 2nd Prize: Fjolla Kahrimani – Reading club (bar) in Mitrovica.

The 1st prize: Besar Zhubi, Arbëresha Shala, Diellza Azemi and Florian Peci – Online business on YouTube for publishing videos of social experiments and pranks made in Kosovo.

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to the prize winners! We were asked by students if IBCM will continue to surprise them with these events… and the answer was of course YES!