Learning about leading practice: Environment and Agricultural Management Field Trip

A group of eighteen IBCM students went on a field trip to two important agricultural organizations to learn about the work being done to develop the agricultural sector in Kosovo.


Istog/Istok Agro-Product Farm

Istog Agro Product Farm is a producer of over 170 types of medical and aromatic herbs and flowers. They are the only such producer in Kosovo, and 100% of their products are for the international export market. The main objective of the visit was to familiarize students with the processes of an organic agricultural company.


  • Students had the opportunity to see the full plantation process, from the cultivation of seeds inside greenhouses, to the plantation of the seedlings in open fields.
  • Students were able to see how the herbs are classified, and how the organization manages this procedure.


Kosovo Institute of Agricultural Analysis, Peja/Pec.

The Kosovo Institute of Agricultural Analysis is a public research institution that applies and develops research on plant production and protection, animal husbandry, seed testing, laboratory analyses of agricultural inputs and products of plant and animal origin; as well as providing training and advisory services.   The main objective of the visit was to learn about the activities of the institute, including the processes of analysis for food and soil.


  • Students were able to visit each of the many labs in the institute, which analyse a range of materials, including soil, water, air, food, drinks, seeds, plants and vegetables.
  • Students received explanations and demonstrations about the different process in each lab from the Institute’s highly qualified and committed employees.
  • Students had chance to see how seed quality is controlled and monitored.


IBCM would like to thank both the ISTOG agricultural farm and the Kosovo Institute of Agricultural Analysis for their hospitality and willingness to answer questions from IBCM students. The group was very happy to be able to expand their knowledge and see how theory works in practice!