Congratulations to three IBCM graduates awarded full scholarships!

We are proud to announce you that three IBCM alumni have been awarded with full Transformational Leadership Program- Master Degree Scholarships for continuing their postgraduate studies in the USA, starting in the fall of 2016. The students were selected from a competitive field of over 800 applicants in 2015/2016.

scholarship winners [219527]
Lira Ramadani , Hadis Karatashi and Milica Jakovljevic

Lira Ramadani (from Environmental and Agricultural Management spur), Hadis Karatashi and Milica Jakovljevic (from Public Service Management spur) are the winners of these valuable scholarships provided by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) Transformational Leadership Program (TLP). The TLP aims to develop a cadre of leaders through the drive changes in Kosovo in social, economic, and political fields through the provision of a full scholarship to undertake Master’s level studies in the USA. Participating US-based universities and programs will be announced to students by June 2016, where the selection of programs will be based on the previous experience and education of students. The scholarship covers all of the students’ study and living expenses for up to two years required to complete the Master’s program.

The three winning graduates are grateful for the opportunities given to them, acknowledging IBCM for providing them with high quality education followed with work experience that enabled them to succeed in a highly competitive selection process.

IBCM is also proud for the success of its alumni, by wishing them even bigger successes in their future endeavors!

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