“Be a man – fall in love”

Under the slogan “Be a man – fall in love” on February 14th, IBCM college students and Synergy activists drew attention to the need to fight against stereotypes jointly by both men and women, in the pursuit of gender equality.

“One of the negative gender norms that exists in society is that a man should not clean the house, vacuum or do any other home chores. We as Synergy and IBCM do not agree. We think man can do the dishes, iron and any of the home chores.


“There is also another norm: that men should not express their feelings, and this is not true!

“Today there were five mobile Synergy groups throughout the city handing out more than 100 roses and love messages in the shape of a heart. The message is that men and women have to be equal. It is not a matter of choice, but compulsion,” said Synergy‘s Program Director, Stefan Veljković.

Activists argue that gender equality is necessary at all levels – from family to society, the state, and so on.

“My experience is very beautiful, but I have seen how men treat women, ordering them to prepare lunch at the exact time, which is very ugly. Why does it always have to be the one the woman that prepares lunch? On the other hand, I feel bad that women do not rebel against it, thinking that it’s okay or normal for a man to command a woman,” commented Jovana Stojanovic, Synergy activist.

“IBCM, as a higher education institution in the northern part of Mitrovica, has joined this action and given its contribution with the aim to bring the 21st century to North Mitrovica. For us today, it represents the center of the world!” said Nenad Todorović , IBCM graduate from 2015.

When asked whether he is the one in charge in his relation to his beloved, Todorovic replied that she has the last say about things.

“We do not have an equal relationship. She is a gentler being and one day she can give birth to a new life! She has my full respect. Towards her, I can say that I do not lie and try to provide her with maximum support.”

In the last 3 years, Youth Educational Club Synergy brought together 700 young people between 15 and 24 that have, in various actions, drawn attention to the problems of young people and the need for changes in society.

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