IBCM slogan contest

We are preparing the 2016 promotional materials for IBCM, and we need a slogan! We are asking for creative ideas from students, alumni, and satff on how we can get the message about IBCM’s unique value across to prospective students. The slogan may be included in our brochures, flyers billboards, and other messaging in the 2016 student recruitment campaign.

The slogan must:

  • Capture IBCM’s brand – high quality, international, practice-oriented education that leads to employment
  • Be original – no copying other slogans! (You may look to others for inspiration, but be sure to mention it to us!) 
  • Limited number of words – normally 5-8 words maximum
  • English language (local language translations may also be included in addition to English)
  • Be catchy, memorable and unique!

The winner of the IBCM slogan contest will be awarded with an IBCM hoodie in your choice of navy blue, red, or green, plus 20 euros! We will announce the winner and prizes in early February. In case there is a tie, the finalists will be subject to a vote by students, staff and alumni.

Please send your slogan to m.sejdiu@ibcmitrovica.eu with the subject line “IBCM slogan contest” in the subject line of the email. Slogans must be received no later than Sunday, January 31st.

We look forward to your original ideas!