Mitrovica Master Chef: Cooking up a Business

On November 19th 2015,  IBCM participated as a first time partner in this global event in an activity held on Youth Day.

IBCM organized a short activity designed to inspire creativity and group work in a practical kitchen environment, for the purpose of delivering something desirable to consumers and experts.

The activity was based on the “Master Chef” theme, entitled, “Mitrovica Master Chef: Cooking up a Business”.


Participating on this activity were 4 teams of students, 4-5 students per group, teams had to designate roles within their teams and should include:

  • One “lead” (master) Chef
  • Two cooking assistants
  • One consultant

Participating student’s were:

Team 1

  • Rita Vidishiqi; Egzon Gerxhaliu; Edona Salihu; Egzon Ismajli; Rejhana Ahmeti;

Team 2

  • Elvira Muja; Florent Xhema; Amire Bekteshi; Premtim Krasniqi; Ylberina Peci;

Team 3

  • Fatma Kelmendi; Berna Kelmendi; Ema Kursumlija; Zenel Kamberi; Dzenita Shabani;

Team 4

  • Alexandar Stojiljkovic; Bojan Anđelić; Bojan Kizo Debeljak; Filip Rakić; Muhamed Hogan;

Students were tasked with preparing a homemade meal for 4 people, while each team had received a certain amount of money to purchase their necessary ingredients for cooking.

The idea of this competition was that all teams had 15 minutes to use each station to use the allocated equipment’s:

Oven, hot burners, boiling water, pots, pans, utensils, mixer etc.

This type of competition gave each team a chance to organize their time and usage of the equipment’s so after one hour passed each team had to serve a sample of their cooked dish to the panel of four judges.

The teams were judged based on: Presentation, Uniqueness and Quality of meal.

Wining team of the “Mitrovica Master Chef” was Team 4 with the highest score.

IBCM would like to thank judges Arsim Pllana (Tavern Tiffany),  (Restaurant M), Attila Nagy (IBCM Lecturer), Arbenita Zeneli (IBCM Student).