10 September 2015

Organized and hosted by the International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM), MITROVICA INNOVATIONS SCIENTIFIC International Conference (MISIC) is an international scientific conference and workshop that will take place in Pristina and Mitrovica on the     15th and 16th of

September, 2015. The topic is:

The Role of Business in Sustainable Development in the Western Balkans The international scientific conference will be held at the Emerald Hotel in Pristina on the 15th September.

Leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the international community will present research findings and discuss professional issues as they relate to sustainable business growth in the Western Balkan region.

The workshops will be held at the IBCM North campus in Mitrovica on the 16th of September, and will include topics on the Role of Education in Sustainable Development, as well as Effectiveness of Policies and Regulations for Sustainable Development. The workshops will involve local stakeholders and students as well as representatives from local and international academic institutions.

The attendance of more than 100 delegates including academics, policy-makers, students, and other relevant stakeholders, is expected. In addition, five keynote speakers from Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, Turkey and Albania will present cases and research on related topics.

This conference will give visibility to successful sustainability initiatives and promote cooperation for sustainable business development in the Western Balkans.