IBCM concludes its first International Scientific Conference on Sustainable Development

18 September 2015

The International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM) hosted and organised its first international scientific conference and workshop, MITROVICA INNOVATIONS SCIENTIFIC International Conference (MISIC). The conference took place in Pristina and Mitrovica on the15th and 16th of September, 2015 on the topic, The Role of Business in Sustainable Development in the Western Balkans.

The conference began on day one at the Emerald Hotel in Pristina on the 15th September. Leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the international community presented research findings and discussed professional issues as they relate to sustainable business growth in the Western Balkan region.

day 1

More than 100 delegates including international academics, policy-makers, students, and other relevant stakeholders attended the Conference, including keynote speakers from Greece, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Albania. The conference was supported by public authorities, donors and the business community, whose representatives had introductory speeches at the opening of the conference,

The first day of the conference took place in two parallel sessions. The first session was dedicated to sustainable product development; corporate social responsibility; and policies and regulations to enable an environment for sustainable entrepreneurship. The authors in this session presented papers related to economic, legal, social and management topics. The second session covered environmental management and sustainable agricultural development, covering green technology, waste, and environmental pollution and solutions.

Authors stressed the reality of a fragile environment and limited resources, and how we can use scientific knowledge to mitigate risks associated with industrial and urban development. In the end, all presented papers covered three main issues:

  • Recycling-with answers on the main questions-what to recycle, why to recycle and how to recycle different materials –from fly ash to precious metals;
  • Analyzing the environmental criteria and proposals of the projects for soil, water and air purification and remediation by using different methods and technologies;
  • Usage of alternative energy and methods to save energy for the future;

In total over 40 papers were presented by authors from the Western Balkan region on day one. The book of abstracts is available on the website for download, and the conference proceedings will full papers accepted is available only to authors. Selected papers will be published in supporting journals, as listed on the MISIC website, www.ibcmitrovica.eu/misic.

The second day of the conference was held at the IBCM North campus in Mitrovica on the 16th of September, and included topics on the Role of Education in Sustainable Development, as well as Effectiveness of Policies and Regulations for Sustainable Development. The workshops involved local stakeholders and students as well as representatives from local and international academic institutions.

day 2

The workshop on the role of education in sustainable development concluded that:

  • Sustainable Development topics should be included in the educational process in an interdisciplinary fashion;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility should be a course taken by all business students;
  • Higher Education Institutions should have their own sustainable development strategies and that students should be involved in a practical way;
  • Developing sustainably is driven by demand and that we need to create this demand in order to secure our own future and future generations;
  • Education and higher education has a responsibility and role to transfer knowledge;
  • Governments from western Balkan countries should work together to establish strategies that open a competitive market.

The second workshop on effectiveness of strategies and policies on sustainable development concluded:

  • Strategies should be developed with a participatory approach in order to ensure acceptance by the citizens and effective implementation;
  • There must be an organized political process to start raising issues, requiring citizen engagement and commitment;
  • Strategies and policies must first exist and be implemented in order to achieve sustainability – an example being the current lack of copper in Albania due to wrong policies in the past.

We are grateful to all the participants, donors, sponsors and stakeholders who participated in this event.

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