July Business Club at north campus of IBCM


The July Business Club was visited by a lot of new faces and it was held with a very active discussion about communication between companies and why the establishment of new innovative businesses are limited in terms of financial help such as grants.

The main theme of the Business Club at this meeting was “Communication between companies and how you can develop you business trough good network?” One of most important comments by one of the panelists which initiated discussion, was that of every 10 people which apply for grants only one person will receive a grant, and that a very big number doesn’t know actually how to construct and write a proper project.

There is also a lot of situations where some people have connections and thanks to them he or she has a better opportunity to receive a grant for starting or developing an already existing business.

Panelists also agreed that the information flow is very bad and that people who have potential and innovative ideas usually find out very late that training programs have already started or in some cases, have already finished. In these cases this will mean that the businesses cannot apply and probably will not be able to open a potentially successful business.

One more productive subject which was discussed at the Business Club this month is that people which are in the business of cattle breeding, farming and catering, there is no cooperative or association that they can join. This can cause numerous problems for them because people who are operating in these sectors, or wish to enter this market are unaware of competition, or suppliers in close proximity which could save them transport and import costs from Serbia.

It was concluded was that there is a need for an association which will have a register of all small and big businesses on Kosovo, so potential customers and clients can contact these companies and maintain communication, and network with them in order to do business. This would help businesses in north Kosovo to develop because it would have influence on increasing economic power and it would lower unemployment rate.

Also there was a conclusion that there is a big possibility to expand businesses and market in south Kosovo, but a lot of small family businesses doesn’t want or they haven’t had such a possibility, additionally they lack contacts to do businesses in south Kosovo. This has lead that only few big companies are already doing businesses in the south and they are slowly but effectively taking over that market.

The Business Club was held in the north campus and the main theme was “Come to make connections – network and make your businesses stronger”. The main panelists which lead the conversation were Danijela Vujicic and Professor Nermin Begovic.

All participants introduced themselves and their companies, their marketing strategies and problems which they occur on this market.

To date, this month’s Business Club in North campus had the largest number of participants and all were eager to interact in the discussion.

The final words were given by Nermin Begovic, he concluded with three questions: How to make good network and why it is so important, why association of companies is important and how to connect and do good business.

See you next month!

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