‘Guerrilla Marketing: How to improve your business inexpensively and effectively!’ – IBCM Business Club

On 28 May 2015, IBCM held Business Club, discussing ‘Guerrilla Marketing: How to improve your business inexpensively and effectively!’


Lecturer of Marketing at IBCM, Vladimir Jeremic held a short presentation of Guerrilla Marketing, explaining its concept and methods through examples.  Participants were joined by Prof. Ljubisa Petrovic, Director of Business Association for Kosovo North, where he also explained his previous experiences from marketing while he was working for different companies such as Carlsberg and Dijamant where Guerrilla Marketing campaigns were implemented.

Guerrilla advertising is an ad system idea particularly advantageous to SMEs with a modest advertising budget, to advance their products or administrations through an unorthodox route with little required in spending. This includes high vitality and creative ability concentrating on getting a handle on the consideration of general society in more individual and paramount level. The fundamental purpose of guerrilla advertising is that the exercises are done solely in the city or other open spots, for example, malls, parks or shorelines with most extreme individuals get to draw in much audience.


Participants at this IBCM Business Club were very interested in this method of marketing because Guerrilla Marketing is actually a method requiring little investment in advertising and where with a minimum costs they can advertise their companies and still obtain good results.

Some of participants have small family businesses like Hair Saloon, making paper cups and boxes, home recopies and etc, but all were interested in this method because they are small businesses and this is a method which doesn’t require a lot of money.


Ljubisa Petrovic, director of Business Association for North Kosovo and professor of Marketing at IBCM Vladimir Jeremic had a very good conversation with participants which are owners of small businesses in manner what are their main problems in advertising depending on their businesses. Through that conversation they saw what the problems in certain businesses are when we talk about of marketing and advertising, so they gave recommendations to owners of businesses as to what kind of advertising should they use and how should they implement some of main advertising strategies on this market.

Visitors of IBCM’s Business Club were very satisfied with professors and their recommendations. They also confirmed that they would be keen to continue the conversation at next month’s Business Club, because this is helping to them and their businesses, and that they consider Business Club as free consulting! Fine by us.

Special thanks to Prof. Ljubisa Petrovic for his input at this month’s event

Report by Milan Milivojevic