Roma Versitas funded English language courses conclude with graduation

The International Business College Mitrovica, this week concluded the delivery of English language courses to a number of students of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian heritage.

The courses, funded by Roma Versitas, and delivered in collaboration with the Kosovo Agency for Advocacy and Development, were delivered to students from across the Kosovo region.

Attendees on the course were existing university students, all keen to raise their English language level in order to pursue Master’s courses abroad.

Well done to everyone for completing the course, we wish all the students success with their future endeavors!

If you or your organisation would like to learn English with IBCM, or receive training in a variety of other areas, please contact us on (north campus) 028 409 013 or (south campus) 028 534 834, and ask to speak with Robert Williams.


KAAD Graduation Photo