A student’s report on the IBCM Kopaonik visit

Day 1

The ski trip to Kopaonik had started early, at around 8 o’clock in the morning. We all travelled together from near the north campus. The aim of the trip was threefold. On the one hand, we couldn’t wait to hit the slopes, and enjoy some well earned R&R. Alongside this, we had been keen to take IBCM to the slopes too. We took a customary IBCM ski flag, promotion stand, and   We have arrived at Kopaonik around 10 AM.


After settling into our accommodation at the hotel, we headed to the main resort centre. Here I was greeted by the MK Resort director, Mr. Goran Pekovic, who was keen to chat about our visit, and find out more about IBCM. I had presented him with our goals (to enjoy the ski resort, but also promote our college), and I thanked him for his cooperation with us.

Then we set our booth and started sharing the promotion material to walkers and skiers. In the meantime, TV Mir from Leposavic recorded a report about our activities with the aim of rising awareness about International Business College Mitrovica, and about the opportunities and benefits of studying at IBCM, such as the college’s rate of employment among graduates. During this promotional phase of the trip, we had the chance to speak with young people and explain to them all about the college and programmes that the college offers (Environmental and Agricultural Management, International Sales and Marketing and Public Service Management).


The second part of our first day activities was a visit to a weather station with our professors, Mrs. Jelena Djokic and Mr. Aleksandar Djikic.. At the weather station we had the opportunity to see exactly how it works and how the weather is measured. There were several items for measuring temperature, humidity, wind speed and etc. One of the employee explained to us how it all functions and how we could know the exact temperature for the next few days. We also talked about the local ecosystem and the current air quality and local fauna.

After these activities, we went to the hotel and had a dinner. The rest of the evening was free of duties, and we had a fun evening!

Day 2

The second day had started with breakfast and a short consultation with our professors about activities for that day.

We had set our promotion booth again at around 10 AM, and we started our promotional activities. During our promotion, we took some photos with some high school students interested in study at IBCM. Besides promoting around the booth, we walked around the ski centre and shared promotional material. Also, a few of us went to ski and we combined skiing and promotion as well!


After our promotion, we had one more lecture about biodiversity and nature conservation. In this class we talked about the current situation in nature conservation and about infrastructure at the ski resort. It added good local context to our visit.

After this we checked out from the hotel and returned to Mitrovica.

The common conclusion was that this was a very good opportunity to promote IBCM and to provide students with a chance to have a good time at the mountain and to learn something new about local environmental issues. Thanks to IBCM for supporting the trip.

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