IBCM Business Club – January 2015


IBCM Business Club started 2015 with lots of new faces: a first edition of the Club at the south campus, and a lively mix of new participants drew lots of discussion on some pressing digital media issues for local businesses.

At the south campus, the topic of the afternoon was ‘Can online marketing increase revenues for local businesses?’. We were lucky to be joined by Mabelle, a local business known for its strong social media presence, HTTPOOL Kosovo, and Smart Ad, both marketing agencies.


One of the most interesting comments to kick off proceedings came from HTTPOOL Kosovo’s Mr. Begolli, who asserted that of the 1.8 million people living in the Kosovo region, 75% are internet users, with approximately 750 000 people engaging with Facebook: a powerful statistic that the discussion could not ignore. All panelists agreed that Facebook has been used to introduce new products, generate new customers, and all importantly, increase sales.

Another very active area for discussion was the role local business websites can play in the growth of businesses. Particular focus was paid to the local website mitrovicaguide.com, a local website that businesses are increasingly using as a networking tool, with an emerging database of local companies (thanks for the tip!).

One of the most pervasive conclusions in the group was that there is great opportunity to market your business across the diverse range of portals.

At the north campus, participants arrived for the third edition. This, IBCM Business Club focused on ‘How can you increase your online web traffic’. For this discussion we were joined by Prezent Marketing, Kale Design and Mikoros, with the conversations led by IBCM lecturer Nermin Begovic.


Each business introduced a short case study of their operations, marketing strategies, and tools they use to increase traffic flow through their website.

The key discussion at the north campus event centered on virtual networks and navigators and making page search easy through simple, unique content.

For IBCM Business Club north campus, it was the biggest attendance yet, and everyone was thoroughly energized and engaged by the debate, and we’re delighted everyone is finding the discussion so relevant.

The final word came from Nermin Begovic, who concluded with three points: how to bring the person, how to keep the person, how to sell the product.

See you next month!

IBCM Business Club