Field trip: Kosovo Energy Corporation- KEK

Field trip visits have a tremendous influence on the student education and career by providing invaluable experience in making first-hand observations and grappling with complex scientific problems. Even though that the college instructors can make the classroom environment very interactive, there is no substitute for the impressions formed by students when they see the complexities of natural processes unfold in front of them. The interaction with practitioners in the “real world” provides a perspective and enables cross-pollination of students’ knowledge from past and current experiences with College and corporate resources.This field trip and the report are part of Ecology and Management of Natural Resources, Energy and Technology learning strategies.


IBCM students from the EAM and MM spur went to sites of Kosovo Energy Corporation and coal mining in Obiliq/c. Kosovo Energetic Corporation (KEK) is a public company, which owns and operates with generation assets of electric energy. The greatest part of generation capacities of Kosovo are the two power plants: Kosova A and Kosova B. While, the actual coal generation within KEK is organized within the existing mines or eastern and western Sector, Sitnica’s Sector and Mine Sitnica South – West.


The objectives of the field trip to KEK are as follow:

  • To gain firsthand knowledge on the activities of Kosovo power plant
  • To gain an understanding of electricity, how it is made, and what resources are used to make it.
  • Encourages them to think about the future of our various energy sources, and what this means to their generation.
  • To learn how to design and apply with different type of projects related to environment and energy, which can be very beneficial for students.


Narrative report

On December 5, 2014, we, the first, third and fifth semester students together with our professors went to the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK). We departed from our College gate at 10 in the morning through a hired bus. The first visit in the KEK started at the Kosovo A Thermal Power Plant (TPP).The Director Mr. Edmond Nulleshi and the


KEK staffs were welcoming us. They were joining us during the visit to Kosovo A TPP surrounding environment. Brief introduction by Director of TPP Kosova A Mr. Hamdi Gashi was delivered regarding the recent KEK investments on ESP’s and other environmental investments. We had chance to make question on the general environmental situation in Kosovo and to see what are the future KEK plans and strategies towards the best power generation solutions.


Then Mr. Gashi was introducing us with the rest of the staff and the Kosovo A TPP generation unit. During the visit in the Kosovo A TPP generation unit we were briefed on the technical and operational status of the generation units and on the measures that have been undertaken after the explosion that happened recently.

Then, we continued with our visit at the Sibovc coal mine. Interesting presentation was delivered by Mr. Adil Januzi on the status of the actual coal production.

At the end we visited the Kosovo B TPP facilities. On the absence of the Director of TPP Kosovo B Mr. Luigj Imeri the presentation was delivered by the Manager of Maintenance Service Mr. Milaim Rashani. Mr. Rashani provided brief information on the operational and technical status of both Kosovo B generation units.


The director and the managers of the KEK power plan unit expressed their willingness to continue cooperation with IBCM, initiate the MOU and provide opportunity for students internship.


This field trip is considered useful by developing new era of learning environment, building new bridge and cooperation. Highly motivated students will come with new projects ideas that will promote their and the IBCM work. Mo