December Business Club concludes with animated debate on role of online marketing in the community




Members of the business community gathered at the International Business College Mitrovica this morning to talk business over coffee, orange juice and biscuits. They were joined by panelists from SI Communications (Macedonia) and Radio Kontakt Plus.

Participants were first given an introduction to SI Communications by Mr Sinisa Pekevski, and their work in online marketing was explained to all present. The impact of online marketing on particular businesses was analysed, leading to animated discussion, with a wide range of thoughts expressed on its impact. The one thing that everyone did agree on was that different businesses certainly require different online marketing activities.

This was followed by Zeljko Tvrdisic from Radio Kontakt Plus. The focus in this second case study was the importance of identifying the right target groups. He continued by talking about his experiences with Radio Kontakt Plus, and also his emphasis on adapting quickly to clients’ needs: to be aware of what people need all the time.

‘Can online marketing improve the revenues of local businesses’ proved to be a highly engaging subject, with participants expressing a desire to hear more tips on marketing assistance.

Conclusion: Online marketing is a strong and effective tool. With minimal financial investment, companies can achieve a strong marketing impact.