Mitrovica youth explore employment opportunities at the IBCM Career Day

The International Business College Mitrovica has hosted its first Career Day event, connecting young people with a wealth of regional employers.


Mitrovica 26.11.2014


Needs Addressed: Young people and employers have limited chance to connect; the Career Day therefore sought to enhance young people’s understanding of internships, grow their network of regional employers, and help young people identify skills desired by these employers.


The International Business College Mitrovica was delighted to host its first Career Day on Tuesday November 25th. The event was hosted at both the college’s north and south campus, and attracted a host of major businesses and public institutions. Students from all across Mitrovica were in attendance, and the IBCM Career Day provided the perfect opportunity for Mitrovica’s young, aspiring professionals to connect with employers from all over the region.




Students were greeted first by IBCM’s Deputy Director, Charlene Miller, who reaffirmed the International Business College Mitrovica’s desire to strengthen Intern opportunities for its students, encourage the growth of students’ professional networks, and for participants to learn first-hand how to stand out in a highly competitive job market. At the north campus, all in attendance then had the pleasure to hear keynote speeches from the Center for Training and Development, the EU Information Center, and SPARK NGO; while at the south campus keynote speeches were made by the Municipality of Mitrovica, the Regional Employment Centre and the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce. The valuable employment advice imparted was digested eagerly by students. These speeches were rounded off by short but inspiring presentations by some of the rising stars among IBCM’s alumni.




Following speeches, students and employers were only too keen to connect with one another, and the Career Day event spaces lit up into a bustling stage of ambitious students and keenly accommodating employers exchanging questions, ideas and business cards. Across the two events there were more than 25 employers in attendance, representing a large variety of job sectors. Many new connections were established during the day, across both campuses. The IBCM was proud to give both employers and local young people the chance to discuss future opportunities of employment.

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