IBCM Business Club Seminar: Positioning of new product in the market


IBCM organized its first Business Club in Mitrovica on November 5. 2014. The topic of seminar was: ’’Positioning of new product in the market’’. Beside IBCM teachers, stakeholders from food production industry such as Kom Lesak and PGP Kolasin from Zubin Potok were present.

Mr. Velickovic from ’’ Com’’ Lesak said that one of the biggest problems is product placement because people are not used to buy meat products produced in the territory of Kosovo, such products were mainly bought from central Serbia. Second problem are bank loans, which are hard to get and that’s why sometime we have to  cancel the job. The third problem is the labor force, because we do not have skilled labor force and people are not willing to enter into a private company. They would rather go into the state own company even for a lower and irregular salary.

According to Mr. Begovic – IBCM professor, problems are variables in the politics, economy, financial sector and in market in general. Launching the product requires detailed market research in order to determine habits of costumers. The solution is in the education and cooperation of the local community with businesses.Together they can find their way to each other only when they start respecting each other as partners.


  • Unstable political and economic situation creates negative effect on the company ability to launch new products. Lack of willingness of financial institutions to support business development in northern Kosovo.
  • Lack of qualified professionals in the field of marketing. Companies do not recognize the need to have a larger share of marketing experts in their business or engaging marketing company.
  • Participants expressed the need for detailed market research in order to determine habits and desires of customers.

Business Club Seminars with different topics will be held in the premises of IBCM each month.