Field trip: Model Dairy Farm in Mitrovica Region

With the aim of gaining practical experience and learning about the complex connections of issues in agriculture, the environment and natural resources, the group of 35 students traveled with the professor to visit and tour agri-businesses and Model Dairy Farm in Mitrovica Region. The group of students worked to synthesize the information and to write an assignment task “Environmental Impact of Animal Farming”. This trip is one of the focuses of Environment and Agricultural Management courses, which are designed to teach students about multiple aspects of the environment and food system through hands-on experience and other style discussions. The courses offers an opportunity for students to get a closer picture at the science and agricultural subjects about whom they are writing, as well as scientific, economic and social aspects of the environment.


The first stop on the trip was at the Initiative for Agricultural Development of Kosovo near Vushtrri/Vucitrn Municipality. The students were hosted by Executive Director Mr. Zenel Bunjaku where they were informed about the history of the organization, implementation of many projects, the process of quality management and other aspects of project management in agriculture and rural development in Kosovo. Students showed a lot of interest by raising different questions on the agricultural sector in Kosovo.


Other highlights of the trip included stops at the Model Farm of Dairy Cows in the village Bukosh, which was built by IADK in 2012. This farm is one of the best farms in the region constructed and working with very high standards. The visit in the Model Farm of Dairy Cows offered students challenges of getting closer to the practical farm management, feed processing, food types used such as grass and corn silage, and the preparation of concentrated foods.


At the farm the students expressed great interest mostly in the system of automatic removal of the manure from the farm, management of organic fertilizers, milking techniques and distribution of milk to the milk plant. In this case, students became familiar with the process of managing organic fertilizers, the maintenance of manure and the use of manure for fertilization of agricultural soils. The IADK and Model Farm project in line with the investment of new and advanced technology shows very good example for the whole region on how to develop such projects in very rural part of Kosovo, how to use the natural resources and how to implement good business without degrading the groundwater, soil and the environmental.

At the end, ICMB students expressed their satisfaction with the field trip visit, hospitality of IADK staff and the experience in the agricultural sector.

Through these trips students will have more opportunity to explore and then incorporate agricultural and environmental issues into their educational and development settings.