Wiki Academy II sponsored by IPKO Foundation

On Wednesday, January 28th 2014 representatives of IPKO Foundation Ms. Rineta Hoxha and Mr. Lis Balaj they held a short presentation for Wiki Academy II to the IBCM staff and students.

Wiki Academy II is in line with the Digital Diplomacy Strategy of Kosovo. Its purpose is to create professional articles and pictures on different fields of life of these nine cities of Kosovo and to publish them in Wikipedia. More information on this edition is found in

The purpose of this project is to increase the number of articles and photos on Kosovo in the English Wikipedia. Participants will partake in the lectures from this field given by international and local experts and will attend a competition that will result in a considerable amount of prizes. This is the perfect place to gain new skills in research and professional writing and also in editing in one of the most famous electronic encyclopedias in the world.

These articles will be written by different people, mostly students, during the end of February and beginning of March 2014. Thus, the engagement of people with willingness, ideas and skills to research and write professional articles is crucial. It is a great opportunity to contribute in a more positive image of Kosovo.