Interview with IBCM exchange students from EAL

Interview with Dino Kukic and Milan Milosavljevic (exchange students returned from the Lillebaelt Academy for Higher Professional Education, Denmark)

IBCM: Congratulations on your successful completion of your study period abroad. How does it feel to be back home and at the IBCM?

Milan: Thank you! The feeling is very good, it is nice to see friends and colleagues from the IBCM again, and our professors of course.

Dino: Thank you, although I had great time studying abroad and meeting new people it feels good to be back home.

IBCM: What were your main reasons to apply at EAL?

Milan: To study abroad at the EAL was a great chance for personal growth and new experiences.

Dino: Since we are studying the same curriculum of the Lillebaelt Academy I consider it very important to see and experience their teaching methods and also to meet students who are studying there full time.

IBCM: How important was the opportunity to study abroad for you?

Milan: A chance such as this which was provided by the IBCM is very important for all students, because their knowledge will improve as it did for me.

Dino: I think what employers seek today are people who are not afraid of changing and influencing the environment. Studying abroad is an indicator of our ability to work and live in a different environment than the one we are used to and therefore I think it will help in my future job applications.

IBCM: How do you assess the assistance the IBCM provided before you left to study abroad?

Milan: I am satisfied with assistance from the IBCM, especially with Anika Snel (the Quality Assurance Officer). The IBCM has really helped Dino and me to attend the EAL. The partnership between the IBCM and the Lillebaelt Academy was a mitigating circumstance for us, because we spent less money and we were able to meet our further obligations with the IBCM during studying.

Dino: Beside the all the necessary information IBCM provided me I had all the assistance I needed to complete my study abroad application and start much easier. The fact that we come from the IBCM was really helpful since the Lillebaelt Academy as its partner did the hard work of finding accommodation for us and helped us with the necessary paperwork upon our arrival to Denmark.


IBCM: What were your expectations when you left for Denmark?

Milan: I hoped to explore a new culture, to learn more from Denmark and the Lillebaelt Academy during my study period and in general to expand my study experience.

Dino: I didn’t really know what to expect. The place where I was supposed to go was completely unfamiliar to me and I accepted everything as a challenge that I decided to pursue. All my knowledge was based on what I had read before I actually left. My idea was to find a student job there to cover all my expenses of staying in Denmark. With a little effort it was possible and exactly as I expected to be.

IBCM: How did you get used to your new study and living environment?

Milan: I had no problems because we were surrounded with good friends and a good institution.

Dino: It was not hard to get used to the new living and study environment since we had a lot of people coming from different parts of the world who shared the same feeling of being new.

IBCM: In general, what did you like best about your study period abroad?

Milan: For me the best thing was to meet people from many different countries and their culture. We went together with other students to the city – Odense, we organised parties, and we visited other cities such as Aarhus. Those were excellent activities in Denmark.

Dino: I think meeting new people and speaking another language had the greatest positive impact on my study period. Together with the friends we made during our stay we organised different types of activities which were fun and interesting.


IBCM: What was your best study experience at EAL?

Milan: We participated in a project group, an exhibition in Fredericia, a course on Danish language, and did many group presentations during the semester. It was interesting to work in teams.

Dino: All the courses were quite interesting and useful, but particularly the Brand Management course in which I had decided to complete since we don’t have such course at the IBCM. Besides that we were involved in a field trip in Fredericia where we could see an exhibition from a marketing perspective which I think was very useful.

IBCM: What skills and knowledge you acquired from your study programme at the IBCM were helpful to you whilst studying at EAL?

Milan: To work in a team with other students and the knowledge about marketing and management I had already obtained at the IBCM were helpful for me during the 3rdsemester at EAL.

Dino: First of all, the knowledge I have previously acquired at the IBCM was necessary in order to follow and keep track of lectures and my English language improvement at the IBCM became evident during the classes and also assignments which we had during lectures. Also at the IBCM I have gained the skills related to group work which proved useful in team assignments.

IBCM: Is there anything you miss from your time spend at EAL?

Milan: Yes, I am sad because I did not have enough money to visit more places in Denmark.

Dino: Living in a community with a lot of students is rather a nice experience and if I miss something now, I miss the people I have met and the great time we had.

IBCM: What are your future plans now you are back from your study period abroad?

Milan: My plans for now are to continue and finish my studies. If I will have more chance to go abroad I would like to go.

Dino: For now I will complete my internship semester. The idea is to apply at one of the partner institutions for a 6th semester abroad, but for now it’s just a plan. Also, for a bachelor internship I am planning to go abroad to work in an international company.

IBCM: What would you say to fellow students that are interested in studying abroad?

Milan: I would like to recommend to fellow students that if they get the chance to go abroad to take it, for it is not a change everyone gets very often.

Dino: This is a great opportunity which everybody should take. We, as students from Kosovo have a lots of restrictions and there are not many countries and universities with bilateral exchange programs for students coming from colleges from Kosovo. What the IBCM offers is rather unique and a chance to explore and learn by living and studying in a place different than the one we are used to. Also since we live in a time in which it’s really hard to get a job, having a semester abroad in your resume will certainly catch the eye of your future employer.