IBCM Field Trip to FIAT Kragujevac

Marketing and management students from the International Business College Mitrovica visited the FIAT car production plant in Kragujevac on the 4th of February.

Fiat professionally organized and conducted the visit. Inside the plant, students had to obey many rules and regulations that were handled without problem. Fiat inherited legacy of Zastava, old buildings, pollution, obsolete models and, in late 2000, turned the plant around into the state-of-the-art facility with 3000 employees that makes 500L model. Fiat makes a new car every 2 minutes, 600 units per day or about 200,000 units annually. Half of this number is exported into the US.


Visit lasted 3h. During the visit, students were able to see making of the shell of the car and the final assembly. The plant is loaded with new technology, robots, computers, sensors. The new plant is huge. Students were able to see only a small part of it. The plant is a far cry from the old facility. It is quiet, bright, no dust and the air is clean and fresh. Fiat, applies ergonomics, just-in-time and green technology to gets its job done. Also, students saw 2-cylinder, one liter, 100hp engine that represents a leading edge in technology and innovation.

IBCM hope that students learned on this trip more than they can ever learn in the classroom.

Please go to the link and check some of the memorable moments that our students had.

As they say a picture tells more than a thousand words, to see all the pictures please click here.